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My main hobbies are mountaineering, photography and Geocaching. Two of the hobbies, mountaineering and photography, go together nicely. A hobby turned to a profession when I began guiding climbs for Rainier Mountaineering, Inc. in Washington in 1984. I've had the opportunity to climb and guide on mountains in the U.S., Alaska, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, China and Nepal.

One of the rewards of climbing in high places is the spectacular scenery you see everyday and the opportunity to capture some of those scenes with a camera.  Here are a few shots of those high places. Enjoy!



Cerro Aconcagua

Trek To Base Camp
Aconcagua AlpinGlow
The Stone Sentinel - Aconcagua
Sunset From Aconcagua
View From High On Aconcagua
Amaghino - Aconcagua's Neighbor
Aconcagua '98
Viento Blanco on Aconcagua

Mt. Rainier

Wilson Glacier Overlook
Classroom On The Glacier
Mt. Rainier - 14,411'
Getting High
It's A BIG Mountain
Crevasses On Mt. Rainier
Cloud Cap Settles On Mt. Rainier
Super Lenticular Cloud
Climber Checks Out a Crevasse on the Ingraham Glacier
Climbers Among Ice Towers on the Emmons Glacier
Cloud Cap Settles on Mt. Rainier
Mt. Rainier From High Rock Look Out

The Himalaya

Pisang Peak - The Nepal Himalya
Annapurna IV
Ganesh Himal
Everest From the Rongbuk Valley
Everest From Basecamp - Rongbuk Glacier
Everest North Wall
Everest Lenticulars
Everest AlpinGlow


Mt. Hunter - Alaska Range
Mt. Foraker - Alaska Range
Mt. McKinley Towers Over the Alaska Range
Approaching the Summit of Mt. Mc Kinley
Midnight Sun
Mt. Foraker From The Air
Mt. Foraker In Twilight


Approach to Orizaba
Summit Crater of Orizaba
Hewy Near Orizaba's Summit
Popocatepetl Awakens
Thar She Blows
Ixta Base Camp
Ixta High Camp
The Route Above High Camp on Ixta
Climbers Descend Ixta
La Cabeza of Iztaccihuatl
Climbers Below Ixta'z Summit
Three Happy Summiters
Sunset On Ixta
Orizaba Summit Crater
Success On Orizaba
Sunrise on El Pico de Orizaba
Alpine Glow on El Pico de Orizaba
Popo Eruption
Popo Eruption - Another Photo
Grande Eruption of Popo
Power Wagon
Tlachichuca's Church
Pryamid of the Sun



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